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#13) 50,000 Steps... In One Day

So big news... I got a text message this week.

I know, shocking right? 

It was a message from my good buddy Simon Jones followed by an emoji of Winnie the Pooh dancing in front of a mirror. 

I spare no details. 

“Hey, you wanna do a challenge with me this weekend?”

“50,000 steps.”


“In one day”

YIKES!.... at least that was my first reaction. 

The average person usually sets a goal to walks about 10,000 steps or so in a given 24 hour period, but five times that amount is no easy task. 

So how long could this possibly take

We did a little research and it turns out 50,000 steps is about 38 kilometres of walking. 

For those calculating at home, it’s also about the length of 213,483 bananas

That actually didn’t seem so bad. I can run a full 42.2 marathon in around three hours and ten minutes so I figured I could get this done in no time! 

A Saturday morning jog 

It’s time to get started on this challenge so I figured I’d run some laps of the community I grew up in for a couple hours. 

My goal was to hit about 15 miles and I actually surpassed that. 

I was feeling so good that I decided to run every single street in my community. That’s right, every single culdesac, intersection, boulevard, avenue, way, close, promenade, you name it! 

Fast forward to mile 18 and the pain started to set in.

I didn’t bring any water or nutrition with me... ROOKIE MISTAKE! 

So I decided to walk the last couple of miles and put in a solid 20 miles (32 kilometres) in three hours time. 

I was stoked! I figured I’d be so close to hitting my step goal... but this was the result. 

Only 30,000 steps?? What?? How?? I just aimlessly ran in circles for three freaking hours and that was the result? 

This couldn’t be. 

I thought there was something wrong with my watch for sure, perhaps a computer glitch on the GPS. 


As it turns out, my average stride length was 1.8 metres during my run. 

Longer strides equals less steps. 


Yup, I ran more distance than I had to and did way less steps than were required. 

50,000 steps in 8 hours

Meanwhile, my buddy Simon is a beast and woke up at 4:15 a.m.

He walked the entire 50,000 steps (just over 38 kilometres) in just over eight hours!! 

The guys is dedicated! He stopped once for a drink of water and rested for three minutes and then kept going!

He said I could just do the 38 kilometres and be done with it, but I knew I had to be true to the challenge and finish strong! 

Walk... to the finish!!

I had just over 19,000 steps to go and I knew that walking the remainder would allow me to accumulate the most steps in the least amount of distance. 

I still had about 14 kilometres to go, but I was determined to complete the challenge! 

Luckily I had a route planned. I had missed walking a decent portion of some streets in the community during my last run so I decided to hit those up. 

My legs felt like jello. They were wiggling and wobbling with every steps but I knew I had to keep focused and finish strong. 

Thank god for technology and for some pretty incredible friends! 

I called my best friend Andrew and him and I talked for a solid 90 minutes while

I walked. 

It’s so nice to catch up with good buddies even during these uncertain times when we’re all cooped up and quarantined indoors. 

I also got a call from my friend Josie who has a pretty incredible blog herself (check it out here: ) and in no time I was done! 

50,000 STEPS!! 

47.49 kilometres and 5 hours 30 minutes and 51 seconds later.... 

Hope this post made you smile and maybe gave you some fun ideas for challenges or things to do out in your community. 

As always, hope you’re staying safe and healthy! 

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